Hello, I am Nirmal Rathod. An engineer by education and a blogger and entrepreneur by profession. I love to do writing and traveling. The main purpose of running this blog is to help people find the Curtains of their choice.

How was “Topcurtainguide” born?

I love reading and researching different things on Google.

In my house, during summertime, direct sunlight comes into the house. And all the members of my house were disturbed by that.

I started researching a solution to this problem.

After a few days of research, I got success.

I came to know about blackout curtains and I realized that this curtain will solve the problem in my house.

And indeed my problem regarding sunlight was solved by this curtain.

Then I thought that many people in the world would be troubled by this problem, and would be looking for a solution to that problem.

I have been in the field of blogging for the last 4 years so I thought of creating a blog in which I will discuss only the subject of curtains.

  • Like how to buy curtains for home
  • How to determine the material of the curtain
  • How to determine the size of the curtain, etc.

And thus my website Topcurtainguide was born.

How does “Topcurtainguide” help people?

Topcurtainguide tries to solve people’s problems related to curtains only through this website.

People ask me their questions, and their problems through email, blog comments, and social media, and I try to solve their problems through my blog.

Topcurtainguide gives answers to many such questions, which color curtain to use in which room, and what size curtain to use.

Topcurtainguide’s motto is only that solve all curtain-related problems of people in the future.